Simple Energy's New Electric Scooter

On December 15, 2023, a new electric scooter called the SIMPLE DOT ONE will be available on Indian roads. Bengaluru-based firm called Simple Energy. The Dot One, which costs less than Rs 1 lakh, aims to increase the accessibility of electric scooters for a larger segment of the market.

The Dot One is a simplified model of the company’s Simple One scooter, with a motor that is significantly less powerful and a fixed battery pack. The Dot One is still suited for daily commuting because it has a respectable range of 160 kilometers on a single charge, even with these modifications.

The Dot One features a touchscreen TFT dash for simple navigation and smartphone connectivity while maintaining the streamlined, contemporary appearance of its predecessor.

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The Simple Dot One is expected to cause concern in the Indian electric scooter market because of its remarkable range, reasonable price, and contemporary features. It will face off against the Ola S1 X, which is similarly priced competitively and comes with a slew of appealing features.

The Simple Dot One’s official introduction is eagerly awaited, and on December 15, the firm is expecting to release additional information about the scooter.

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