Suzuki's Burgman

Japanese automaker Suzuki is gearing up to make a bold statement in the world of scooters with an innovative twist – a hydrogen-powered version of their beloved Burgman. The big reveal is just around the corner, scheduled for the 2023 Japan Mobility Show in late October.

While Suzuki has been relatively tight-lipped about the specifics, here’s what we know so far: this scooter is poised to feature a fuel cell system, harnessing hydrogen stored in an onboard tank to generate electricity. The exciting twist? Fuel cell vehicles like this one are all about zero emissions, making them a promising choice for a greener future.

The Burgman, known for its versatility, currently relies on a 400cc gasoline engine. The hydrogen-powered version is projected to offer similar performance and range, marking a significant leap for eco-conscious riders.

Suzuki’s venture into hydrogen aligns with a broader industry trend. Hydrogen is increasingly viewed as a clean and potent alternative to conventional fossil fuels. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the existing challenges, such as the limited hydrogen fueling infrastructure in many regions.

If Suzuki can bring a competitively priced hydrogen-powered Burgman to market, it could set a precedent for the scooter industry. Hydrogen’s potential to reshape transportation is undeniable, and Suzuki is at the forefront of this exciting shift.

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