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With the rise of electric mobility, the Indian automobile market has witnessed an influx of electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers. Particularly, electric scooters have gained significant popularity throughout India. 

The remarkable growth in the electric two-wheeler sector can be attributed to various factors, including the escalating petrol prices, the increasing costs of traditional fossil-fuel-powered two-wheelers, stringent emission standards, and growing awareness about vehicular emissions and their environmental impact.

In recent years, numerous EV startups have emerged across India, introducing their electric two-wheelers. Established players in the automotive industry have also entered this segment. 

While premium high-speed electric scooters have garnered attention, the growth of the segment is still largely driven by low-speed electric scooters. Recognizing this trend, several EV startups have launched products catering to this segment, and one such player is Lords Automotive, offering two low-speed scooters: Zoom and Zoom Plus.

Lords Zoom Features

At first glance, the Lords Zoom electric scooter doesn’t exhibit distinctive features compared to other electric scooters on the road. Its appearance is average and basic. The design includes a large inverted delta-shaped headlamp with an LED lamp positioned at the center of the front cowl, along with turn indicators on the handlebar.

The scooter features a fully digital instrument cluster, providing essential information about the EV. The instrument cluster is flanked by switches for various functions. 

While the overall design is functional, some aspects, like the positioning of the horn switch on the left side, could be considered a design flaw. On the right side, the scooter offers three different riding modes, accompanied by a ‘Reverse’ mode switch that facilitates easy backward movement.

The footboard area provides ample space, and the wide seat ensures a comfortable riding position. Despite the generous design, the quality of the backrest material appears somewhat feeble, potentially posing challenges for those seeking full support. 

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Moving to the rear, the scooter boasts a sharp and large tail light, coupled with a thick grab rail. The Lords Zoom is available in six different color options.

In terms of features, the Lords Zoom is equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster, featuring an LCD panel that displays various information about the scooter. 

However, despite its pricing ranging from ₹54,000 to ₹69,999 (ex-showroom), the instrument cluster lacks connectivity options, a feature available in many other scooters in the market.

Additionally, the lighting technology onboard the Lords Zoom electric scooter primarily consists of halogen lights, which can be considered a drawback compared to models offering LED lights. On the mechanical front, the scooter features a disc brake on the front wheel and a drum brake at the rear.

Lords Zoom: Ride, Handling And Performance

When it comes to ride and handling, the scooter’s performance is notable. However, at speeds as low as 24 kmph, it exhibits a degree of shakiness, particularly on roads with speed breakers. 

The suspension setup might not be as promising compared to other electric scooters tested in recent months. The scooter tends to throw jerks on regular patchy roads, even with front telescopic forks.

Despite these considerations, the Lords Zoom offers a spacious footboard, providing ample legroom for the rider. The inclusion of a backrest is commendable, although the material’s strength might be a concern for those relying on it for support. 

The scooter features a protective metal guard at the front and rear, offering minimal protection to lights and bodywork in case of crashes. The foot pegs on both sides for the pillion rider add a practical and convenient design element.

In terms of performance, the review scooter demonstrated a top speed of 24 kmph, with the potential to increase it to 40 kmph, as communicated by a company representative. 

Different riding modes accessible through the toggle switch allow speed limitation. However, testing the scooter at higher speeds was limited during the review, as it was restricted to 24 kmph.

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Lords Zoom: Battery And Range

Regarding battery and range, Lords Automotive claims that the Zoom electric scooter, equipped with a 48V Li-Ion battery, can cover up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. The 60V Li-Ion variant boasts a range of up to 100 kilometers on a full charge. 

Although there is a lead-acid battery variant, the review focused on the lithium-ion battery-equipped variant. The replaceable battery pack can be fully charged in five hours using a regular charging socket.

Final Verdict: Lords Zoom 

The Lords Zoom stands as an affordable and straightforward commuter electric scooter suitable for regular commuting within the city. In urban traffic conditions, low-speed scooters prove practical. However, maneuvering the scooter through rough patches, even on city roads, could be challenging due to its low ground clearance.

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