kawasaki w175

On social media, Kawasaki India has teased that it will be launching a new motorcycle during India Bike Week on December 8.

The teaser image features a completely covered motorcycle with only the front alloy wheel showing. We can now confirm with exclusivity that this bike will be the upgraded W175 variant, which is Kawasaki’s most economical model.

It is expected that W175 will simply receive minor design updates, such as new colors and rim stripes. Due to the alloy wheels, the only notable mechanical alteration is the addition of tubeless tires. 

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Given that sales of the company’s first locally produced product have been a little difficult, Kawasaki is unlikely to raise the price of the W175 significantly. It is now priced between Rs 1.47 lakh and Rs 1.49 lakh (ex-showroom).

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