As we approach the end of 2023, Honda is offering enticing discounts on both the City and Amaze sedans, aiming to swiftly clear out remaining stocks. Prospective buyers now have the opportunity to enjoy a spectrum of advantages, including cash discounts, loyalty bonuses, exchange bonuses, and corporate offers.

The Honda City is currently featuring even more substantial discounts compared to those offered during the festive season in October. 

Buyers now have the opportunity to benefit from a generous cash discount of up to Rs 25,000 or choose complimentary accessories valued at up to Rs 29,947. 

In addition to these perks, an exchange bonus of up to Rs 21,000 (applicable to Honda cars) and Rs 15,000 (for other brands) is available. 

Honda is also extending a Rs 4,000 customer loyalty bonus and a corporate discount of up to Rs 25,000. For those opting for the VX and ZX trims, an enticing offer includes an extended warranty for the fourth and fifth years, priced at Rs 13,651. 

Offers await for the Honda Amaze too, with prices ranging from Rs 7.10 lakh to Rs 9.86 lakh across the entire range of this compact sedan.

The S trim presents benefits of up to Rs 77,000, featuring a choice between a cash discount of Rs 35,000 or the option to select free accessories valued up to Rs 42,444. 

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This offer is complemented by loyalty rewards of up to Rs 4,000 and corporate discounts of up to Rs 23,000. For those considering an upgrade, a generous Rs 15,000 car exchange bonus is available for all trims.

Discounts of up to Rs 57,000 and Rs 67,000 are also up for grabs on the E and VX trims, respectively, with a similar breakdown of offers. 

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