Bajaj Chetak Urbane

Bajaj is launching the Urbane, a new, more affordable version of their Chetak electric scooter. The battery pack in the Urbane will be slightly smaller, weighing in at 2.9 kWh with a range of 113 km and a top speed of 73 kmph. 

The Chetak Urbane has the same body dimensions as the Premium model, so even with its shorter range, there won’t be much of a visual difference between the two. But because the Urbane weighs 3 kg less than the Premium, it is likely to have a curb weight of 130 kg. 

Testing of a Chetak EV with a hub-mounted motor was observed some time ago, and this new Urbane model might be that scooter. 

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With a recent discount from Bajaj, the ex-showroom price of the original Chetak was reduced to Rs 1.30 lakh, making it one of the best-value, high-quality, made-in-India e-scooters on the market. 

It is unclear how Bajaj will price the more affordable Chetak Urbane when it eventually reaches the market because EV incentives are always changing.

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