Ford Endeavour

Ford has ignited rumors of an Endeavour comeback to India after filing an Indian patent for the vehicle, posting fresh job positions, and reversing course on the sale of its Chennai facility. 

The current generation Endeavour, known as the Ford Everest SUV in regions like Thailand, is the subject of the filed patent. This generation would be new to our market because it was not introduced in India during its 2022 launch in overseas countries. 

India may receive the new Endeavour before 2025. It will be constructed at Ford’s facility in Chennai. Given that Ford does not require special permission to import up to 2,500 completely constructed cars annually, they may expedite the arrival of the present Endeavour in India while preparing for its local assembly in 2025. 

Given that the top-end models of the Toyota Fortuner already retail for more than Rs 60 lakh, this imported Endeavour would be a strong competitor in the market. In order to remain in the local market, Ford has previously stated that it is open to selling direct imports.

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