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As previously disclosed in June, Toyota is set to introduce an electrified powertrain to its HiLux line-up. This innovation will be featured in the SR5 and Rogue 4×4 dual-cabs and will be optional for SR 4×4 dual-cab variants. 

While Toyota’s reliable 2.8-litre diesel engine remains a key component, it will now be reinforced by the addition of a hybrid 48V system.

This dynamic combination is set to generate 150kW at 3400rpm and an impressive 500Nm between 1600-2800rpm. Notably, this innovative hybrid system is projected to enhance fuel efficiency by up to five percent when compared to the conventional diesel powertrain.

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Furthermore, through regenerative braking, the 48V battery comes into play by delivering up to 12kW and 65Nm of additional power and torque, respectively. 

This infusion of power from the battery to the engine, facilitated by the motor generator, aims to significantly improve acceleration, overall power, and efficiency.

In addition to the electrified powertrain, Toyota has officially confirmed the integration of a new Multi-Terrain Select system for the HiLux, marking its debut in the model. 

Widely adopted in various forms across the 4×4 landscape, this system adeptly modulates vehicle performance and control settings based on terrain and driving conditions. 

Alongside an automatic setting, users will have access to five pre-set options: Dirt, Sand, Mud, Deep Snow, and Rock.

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Maintaining its rugged capabilities, the HiLux Hybrid 48V will continue to ride on a ladder-frame chassis, featuring leaf springs and twin shocks at the rear to enhance off-road ability and handling.

Furthermore, the HiLux Hybrid 48V will be equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense technology. This comprehensive safety suite includes an enhanced Pre-Collision System (PCS), an updated Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Road Sign Assist (RSA), and Adaptive High Beam (AHB).

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