Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the flagship model of the automaker, leading in sales and profit for years. It’s always been the top choice in terms of overall volume. With three cab sizes, five engine options, and the choice between two- or four-wheel drive, plus various trims from basic to luxury, there’s an F-150 for everyone.

Exterior Updates

While grille styles still depend on the trim level, Ford has now integrated the grille smoothly into the headlights, creating a “coast-to-coast” design. This brings a new sense of balance to the F-150’s appearance, from the STX with its retro egg crate grille to the Tremor with its orange-trimmed front.

Moving to the back, we find perhaps the most exciting feature: the Pro Access Tailgate. This is Ford’s answer to the innovative tailgates from Ram, Chevrolet, and GMC. It includes a simple swing-out door in the middle of a traditional drop-down gate.

The Pro Access Tailgate opens in three stages – 37 degrees, 70 degrees, and 100 degrees – making it easy to reach items in the bed. The first stage is shallow enough to open even when a trailer is attached. Additionally, Ford has added a new storage box behind the passenger wheel in the bed. If you don’t choose the Power Boost system, there’s another storage box on the driver’s side.

Thinking how much is it to get a Ford F-150 lifted? Well, the F-150 lift kits can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on ride height and install quality. It’s important to note that this section discusses aftermarket modifications and isn’t a stock option from Ford.

The 2024 F-150 comes with an optional heads-up display for the first time. Now, all trucks come fully digital with a standard 12-inch touchscreen for both the driver and center console in every trim. LED headlights are also standard, and Ford includes 10 driver-assist systems as part of the standard equipment.

Interior Revamp and Safety Features

The operating system is Sync 4, and you can opt for BlueCruise version 1.2, which offers hands-free lane change and improved lane-keep functionality. Plus, the exterior cameras can now display two views simultaneously on the center screen, depending on the chosen drive mode.

Ford introduces a new theft-deterrent system called Ford Stolen Vehicle Services, accessible through the Ford app. It can quickly notify the owner of any suspicious activity and contact authorities within 30 seconds. Additionally, Exit Warning is now available, warning occupants about approaching vehicles or pedestrians from behind.

Like most updates, there are some fresh colors and wheel packages to choose from. Ford is getting creative with food-themed interiors, offering a Smoked Truffle shade exclusively for the Platinum Plus trim, and Medium Dark Smoked Truffle with mushroom tones for other trims.

The F-150 Raptor and Tremor get a new modular front bumper that can be customized with dealer-installed Ford Performance upgrades like winches or light bars. The Raptor also boasts new dual-valve Fox shocks and an exclusive exterior color called Shelter Green. And if you’re a fan of black, Ford has various black appearance packages to suit your style.

Curious about What lift is on F-150 Black Widow? And how much does a F-150 Black Widow cost? The F-150 Black Widow edition from SCA Performance comes with a 6-inch suspension lift system with Fox Adventure Series shocks [SCA Performance Lift].

Plus, there isn’t an official Ford Black Widow edition directly from the company. SCA Performance offers a package that includes the lift, wheels, tires, and cosmetic upgrades, but the total cost depends on the base F-150 model you choose. Reviews suggest these packages can reach around $95,000 [2022 Ford F150 Black Widow].

The 2024 Ford F-150 starts at $38,565, which is $2,090 more than the 2023 model. However, you’re getting more power under the hood now that the 3.3-liter engine is no longer available. On the higher end, a fully loaded Raptor R will set you back $118,590, also a slight increase from last year. Building your dream truck is now simpler than ever, as Ford has reduced F-150 configurations by 90 percent for 2024 without removing any notable options.

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