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When we talk about the electric vehicles (EVs) segment Tata Motors have been making waves lately. They’ve shown off two concepts that have got everyone excited. First up, we have the Tata Curvv Concept which will be launched this year in September. The automaker also launched their Tata Avinya EV concept, an even more ambitious project based on its new GEN 3 architecture, in addition to the Tata Curvv Concept, a stunning demonstration of intent in EV design and production version. 

What does a Concept Really Mean?

Tata Motors commands a significant portion of the Indian electric vehicle (EV) domain concerning personal transportation. Although the world of electric cars remains relatively diminutive in this locale, the presence of Tata Nexon EV and Tata Tigor EV stands noteworthy. 

Nonetheless, even as these models have their place, Tata Motors demonstrates a strong will to maintain its dominance in the future. Thus the two concepts Tata Curvv and Tata Avinya EV. 

While the appeal of both concepts is undeniable, as is often the case with such creations, the design team at Tata Motors emphasizes a primary objective: striving to actualize production versions that closely mirror the essence of the concepts.

The Curvv Concept takes the form of an SUV, while the Avinya represents a crossover hatchback, aiming to blend the design elements of a hatchback with the adaptability of an SUV and the spaciousness and comfort of an MPV.

Tata Avinya EV concept:

Despite its smaller stature compared to the Curvv, there’s little debate that the Avinya stands out as the more captivating of the two concepts recently presented worldwide. A prominent feature is its expansive horizontal LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) on the front, which serves as a striking visual element. 

The illumination converges centrally to form a distinctive ‘T,’ emphasizing its Tata lineage. The slender headlight units contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal, prioritizing simplicity yet retaining an artistic allure.

On the side, the Avinya emphasizes minimalism in its profile, yet the ‘Butterfly’ doors surpass expectations, eliciting awe from observers. Eschewing traditional side mirrors, the vehicle opts for cameras on each side, transmitting feeds directly to the driver within. Additionally, the slightly sloping roofline enhances the Avinya EV’s hatchback identity.

Tata Motors‘ design team emphasizes that the exterior appearance of the Avinya prioritizes human-centric design. This deliberate choice extends to eschewing imposing screens within the vehicle’s interior.

Car companies are making car screens bigger and more flashy. But Tata thinks electric cars might focus more on enjoying the drive, not just looking at screens. They believe voice commands could do everything touch screens do, so screens might not be needed.

The Avinya Concept has a slim screen on the dashboard, like a thin line. The steering wheel has a small, high-quality screen too, but that’s it. The inside of the car keeps things simple and cozy, with light colors on the seats, dashboard, and even the floor. By the way also read our article on 2024 Tata Punch EV – Is There More Punch to it Now?

Some names are just for show, while others have meaning. “Curvv” might just be about the curves, but “Avinya” means innovation in Sanskrit, which fits the concept product well.

So, wondering what is the price of Avinya car? Well, it is estimated to launch with a price range of ₹30-60 Lakhs. Coming to what is the range of Tata Avinya? With an automatic transmission it offers a range of 500 km. How long does it take to charge Tata Avinya? It’ll take under 30 minutes for it to charge. And most importantly, what is Tata Avinya launch date? Tata plans to launch it in February, 2025.

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