BMW Vision Neue Klasse X SUV

BMW has unveiled the new Vision Neue Klasse X SUV concept, offering a glimpse into the future designs of the German brand’s electric vehicles. This concept closely previews the upcoming next-generation iX3, set to be unveiled next year. 

Serving as a companion to the previously revealed Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept, the X SUV concept showcases the distinct design language that BMW will apply to its bespoke electric sedans and SUVs in the coming years.

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse stated that the two concepts demonstrate “the breadth of our future model line-up.” The new concept, appearing similar in size to the current iX3, is slated for production next year as the first of the next-generation Neue Klasse EVs. 

Like the i3 sedan derived from the Vision Neue Klasse sedan, this SUV will utilize BMW’s new EV-specific architecture, featuring an advanced software stack running on four high-performance computers.

Neue Klasse X: Exterior

The exterior of the Neue Klasse X is defined by its redesigned kidney grille, featuring two tall, thin elements reminiscent of the original 1960s Neue Klasse sedans and coupes. The grille incorporates LEDs, creating a distinctive light signature and lending it a three-dimensional appearance. 

This grille design will be adopted across all Neue Klasse SUVs, while the sedans will draw inspiration from the flatter, wider grille seen on last year’s concept. Additionally, the Neue Klasse X draws inspiration from BMW’s existing SUV lineup, particularly the flagship iX.

The exterior of the Neue Klasse X concept appears closer to production-ready compared to the Neue Klasse sedan. It maintains several design cues from the sedan concept, such as the absence of exterior cladding elements and badges. 

Notably, the SUV includes the BMW roundel laser-etched into the bonnet, although this feature may not make it to the final production model. At the rear, there’s a fresh interpretation of BMW’s L-shaped tail-lights, while the C-pillar retains the iconic Hofmeister kink, highlighted by a reflective print surface.

Instead of traditional cladding on the side skirts and front and rear aprons, BMW has opted for parts made from recycled mono-materials. These components are not only more cost-effective to replace if damaged but can also be recycled for future use, aligning with sustainable practices.

Neue Klasse X: Interior

The interior of the Vision Neue Klasse X appears to be more conceptual, although the overall dashboard layout and infotainment interface are expected to be retained for production. 

A prominent feature is a large central touchscreen, complemented by the BMW Panoramic Vision system, which projects essential information across the entire width of the windscreen for better visibility by all occupants. 

Additionally, there’s a new three-dimensional head-up display and a steering wheel equipped with haptic controls.

BMW has stated that this new interior concept was developed based on surveys of thousands of drivers and data analysis from over 10 million existing cars. It aims to simplify interactions for a more intuitive user experience. 

The interior also incorporates a new plant-and-mineral-based, petroleum-free surface material, used in the center console and lower sections of the door panels. 

Furthermore, recycled marine plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets are utilized in the creation of selected components, emphasizing BMW’s commitment to sustainability.

Neue Klasse X: Range, Performance, and Battery

BMW has not disclosed specific performance figures for its upcoming EVs, but Mike Reichelt, project head for the Neue Klasse, emphasized the importance of efficiency in electric driving. He stated that maximizing battery cell efficiency is crucial, highlighting BMW’s expertise in efficient dynamics.

The sixth-generation eDrive system, featuring new motors and round lithium-ion battery cells, is set to significantly improve efficiency and range. BMW claims these advancements will increase efficiency by up to 25 percent and extend range by up to 30 percent. The new batteries are 20 percent more energy-dense than current ones, and an upgraded 800V electrical architecture enables faster charging rates, up to 30 percent quicker than before.

Additionally, the Vision Neue Klasse X is designed with enhanced aerodynamics, boasting 20 percent less drag compared to similar current models. Dynamic performance will be optimized by four high-performance computers, including the ‘heart of joy’ system, developed in-house to control all dynamic functions. This system aims to redefine driving pleasure, offering a wide range of performance from dynamic driving to relaxed semi-autonomous operation. Oh! Also do read our article on Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail: A Masterpiece of Coachbuilding

Furthermore, the advanced computing power enables faster processing of driver assistance features, enhancing safety and performance. The system can control up to four electric motors simultaneously, suggesting potential for future high-performance M models.

The first production car derived from the Vision Neue Klasse X will debut in international markets next year, manufactured at BMW’s plant in Debrecen, Hungary. Details regarding its name and pricing are yet to be announced.

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