Shelby Super Snake

It’s no surprise that Shelby American is transforming America’s last V-8 powered pony car into its newest Super Snake model. This means adding supercharged power to a sleek appearance.

The latest creation from the specialty vehicle manufacturer was unveiled at Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach auction. The 2024 Shelby Super Snake boasts an impressive 830 horsepower, staying true to the Mustang’s legacy of performance.

Production is set to begin in midsummer 2024, with the Super Snake available for purchase at select Shelby-authorized Ford dealerships.

Shelby American’s partnership with the Ford Mustang dates back to 1964 when they collaborated on the iconic 1965 Shelby G.T. 350. Since then, they’ve developed some of the most legendary cars in history.

The Super Snake model pays tribute to Ford’s triumph at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, led by automotive legend Carroll Shelby.

Fast forward nearly 60 years, and Shelby American continues to honor their legacy with a range of models that blend heritage with modern power and style.

Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American, praised Ford’s collaboration, stating that they worked closely to ensure a smooth transition to the S650 chassis. Their focus was on functionality, particularly aerodynamics and weight reduction.

The flagship Super Snake model boasts 830 horsepower, achieved through a partnership with Whipple Superchargers. Additional enhancements include a larger radiator and heat exchanger to maintain optimal engine temperature.

A Shelby-spec Borla exhaust system and upgraded driveline components further enhance performance. The suspension system provides superior grip, while oversized brakes ensure precise stopping power.

For those seeking a naturally aspirated option, a 480-horsepower model is available, with both manual and automatic transmission choices. By the way do read our news article on Ford’s Bold Comeback: Latest Patent Filing Reveals Exciting Plans for Indian Market

The 2024 Super Snake maintains the widebody stance characteristic of its predecessors, with a focus on technical sophistication. Vince La Violette, Shelby American’s vice president of operations, emphasized the careful engineering behind the design, including lightweight materials for improved balance and performance.

Shelby American plans to produce 250 vehicles domestically, with a limited number available internationally through select partners. Enthusiasts can anticipate a range of Super Snake components, although some will remain exclusive to preserve the uniqueness of the production models.

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