Ford plans to come back to the Indian market with a bang, as shown by a series of smart moves like patents and possible partnerships. The latest move is the patent filing for a new MPV made just for the Indian market.

Pictures in the patent show a simple but classy design for Ford’s new MPV. The headlights are slim, with built-in LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), set up in regular patterns instead of something flashy. The fog lights, shaped like polygons, give the front of the vehicle a tough look that matches the big, signature Ford grille.

The side view of the MPV has round wheel arches, strong body protection, door details, and chrome-lined windows, making it look both tough and stylish. It comes with useful roof racks, a big sunroof, and a shark-fin antenna, making it both practical and cool. The wraparound rear lights and a big back part suggest plenty of space in the trunk for different kinds of luggage.

Unique Positioning and Market Focus

This MPV is new, not like any other Ford vehicle sold in other countries. This shows that Ford is really paying attention to what Indian customers want. Ford is also thinking about selling it abroad, maybe using benefits from the government’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. Ford might try making a lot of the parts locally to keep costs low.

Anticipated Features and Competitiveness

Ford wants to make this MPV a fancy choice in the lower-priced car market, where cars like the Maruti Ertiga, XL6, Kia Carens, and Toyota Rumion are popular. It will probably have cool features like a big touchscreen for entertainment, wireless connections for Android and Apple phones, seats that can be cooled, a roomy inside, air conditioning that can be set for different zones, and lots of ways to stay connected. The fancier versions might even have systems to help with driving, which would make it stand out from other cars in its class.

Launch and Pricing Guesses

Ford hasn’t said anything official yet, but it looks like they’re getting ready to come back to India in a big way. They might start making the new MPV around 2025 or 2026, and it could cost between 10 and 12 lakh rupees. With this new car, Ford could become a big player in India’s car market once again.

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