Renault 5 EV Hatchback

The Renault 5 is a mass-market electric hatchback that the company is preparing for the European market. With the leaked patent photos, the production version of the EV hatch’s design has been made public ahead of its worldwide launch in February 2024.

Though there is always a gap between concept and production, the Renault 5’s redesign is strikingly similar to its highly praised 2021 predecessor. This has been suggested in recent teases, and the leaked photos now verify it.

There are a few minor adjustments that have been made: the projectors are now more traditional LED blocks, and the headlight surrounds have a slightly rounded appearance. The 5, with its distinctive charge sign on the hood, is an imitation of the Renault Twingo idea. This indicator shows the battery level with a light-up “5” design.

At the rear, the space between the brake light’s upper and lower portions appears to be broader. Also, a solid black trim piece has taken the place of the full-width light bar.

Along with the leaked images, Renault disclosed the 5’s amazing 400 km range, powered by a 52 kWh battery, according to WLTP testing.

The 5 is built on the Ampr Small platform, which was originally known as the CMF-B-EV. The Renault 4 will be built on the same platform in 2026. The 5 is distinctive for having a multi-link rear axle, which is uncommon in the market for B-segment electric cars. This design decision surpasses the limits of the Renault Zoe’s torsion beams.

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Renault has officially announced that the 5 will come with a 135 hp electric motor made at the company’s historic Cleon factory, which is presently in charge of producing the electric powertrains for the Megane.

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