Coming to India

Leapmotor has declared that by the end of 2024, it will join the Indian market. This is a part of the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer’s intentions to expand globally, which also include plans to enter many markets in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Australasia, and, of course, India by the end of 2024 and early in 2025.

Variety of models

The carmaker has indicated that the T03 hatchback and the C10 electric SUV will be its entrance points into the Indian market. The T03 is a 265-kilometer range electric vehicle that rivals the Tata Tiago in terms of size. In contrast, the TataHarrier and the MG Hector share the same dimensions as the C10, a five-seater SUV. It boasts a five-star rating in the most recent e-NCAP test cycle and a stated range of 420 kilometers..

Showroom and service plans

The corporation has signalled that it is researching product assembly locally. This will allow the cars to be priced more affordably while simultaneously mitigating the impact of the newly imposed hefty import taxes on Chinese automobiles. It’s also anticipated that Leapmotor would follow the path of multi-brand retail, sharing showroom and service areas with Jeep family models. The T03 will gain most from this shift in terms of maintaining a cost advantage. By the way, do read our article on Kia EV6 Gets a New Look Globally India’s Launch Next Year

Multi-brand strategy

The Indian automobile industry has rewarded manufacturers who use a multi-brand strategy. Segments and gaps are frequently targeted by very similarly priced cars that have various top hats on but are same below. Maruti-Toyota, Renault-Nissan, Hyundai-Kia, and Skoda-Volkswagen are some of the main competitors at different price points. Stellantis will launch Leapmotor, its first exclusively focused electric vehicle initiative for India, along with an expanded service center and charging network strategy.

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