KTM 1390 Super Duke R

The much-awaited 2024 1390 Super Duke R, the powerful naked bike that pushes the limits of performance and power, has been announced by KTM. With a larger 1,350cc LC8 V-Twin engine producing an incredible 145 Nm of torque and an electrifying 190 hp. With a substantial power increase over the previous model, the 1290 Super Duke R, promises a thrilling ride.

KTM has paid attention to every detail while designing the Super Duke, including the updated headlight design that was influenced by the 990 Duke. The Super Duke stands out from its competitors because of its distinctive style. The entire design is minimal, with every element carefully developed to maximize weight reduction and improve performance.

The aerodynamic winglets on the 2024 Super Duke R are an interesting addition. These advanced innovations further improve the Super Duke’s handling capability and cornering ability by increasing downforce and stability at faster speeds.

Additionally, KTM has added a 17.5-liter fuel tank to the 2024 Super Duke R, extending its range for long-distance journeys. The integration of a tire pressure monitor system(TPMS) guarantees increased safety and maximizes performance.

The improved performance of the Super Duke is mostly dependent on electronics. Bikers can adjust the bike’s settings to fit their riding style and riding conditions using the five riding modes: rain, street, sport, performance, and track. As optional alternatives, cruise control and the  KTM Connect feature improve the whole riding experience even more.

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KTM has created a limited-edition Super Duke R named the Evo for riders who demand among the best of the best.

 The Evo features a launch control system that aids in achieving the best start possible and a unique suspension that adapts to the road conditions automatically. 

Early in 2024, the KTM 1390 Super Duke R and Super Duke R Evo are expected to hit showrooms. Although the price has not yet been disclosed, it is predicted to be competitive in the premium naked motorcycle market.

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