Mahindra’s Thar 5-door is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2024, and spy photos of the vehicle have been making the rounds online for some time. The bigger Thar will have a number of interior modifications in addition to some distinctive outward design features. 

At the time of the SUV’s premiere, further information will become available. Mahindra has registered seven nameplates for the vehicle, including Thar Armada. 

Although the Mahindra Thar 3-door’s equipment list did not receive many significant complaints, the automaker will take steps to ensure that the 5-door version is seen as more upscale in keeping with its greater dimensions and higher price point. 

These are the seven features that the forthcoming SUV will include that are not present in the Thar 3-door:

  1. 10.25-inch Touchscreen Infotainment System: First and foremost, a number of spy photos revealing the interior of the Thar 5-door have revealed a dashboard that has been altered to make room for a larger central infotainment screen. This change unit was most recently seen on the updated XUV400, and will run on the latest version of Adrenox software, and soon will get OTA updates. 
  1. 10.25-inch Digital Instrument Cluster: Additionally, fresh photos of the test mules for the Thar 5-door reveal that high-spec models are probably top-spec models are probably going to have this instrument cluster found on the XUV700. Although the central MID from the Scorpio N will be larger, analog dials are anticipated for lower variants.
  2. Dash cam: A dash cam, probably with front and rear monitoring functions, is anticipated for higher trim levels.
  3. Sunroof: On higher trim levels, a powered, single-pane sunroof will be available.
  4. Seating Layout: The 5-door is probably going to have a bench seat at the back to accommodate three people even though spy photos have only so far revealed two separate seats for rear passengers.
  5. Front Armrests: There will be separate armrests for the driver and front passenger.
  6. Rear Seat Upgrades: Dedicated AC vents will be available for rear passengers, and bench seat buyers will also receive a rear center armrest.

So, did the 5-Door Model Need These Changes?

With a 300mm longer wheelbase than the 3-door model, the Thar 5-door will undoubtedly offer more space for passengers in the back. It’s interesting to note that the larger SUV will have a larger boot than the Thar 3-door, which can only fit a few small bags when the back seats are up. 

To increase usability, Mahindra also intends to add more cubbies and storage areas. Lastly, it is anticipated that the business would employ higher-quality materials for the interior of the vehicle, including the doors, dash, and seat upholstery.

The 2.0-liter turbo-petrol and 2.2-liter turbo-diesel engines, along with their corresponding 6-speed manual and automatic gearbox choices, will be shared by the Mahindra Thars, which come in 3- and 5-door models. 

Both models will share the same off-road equipment, but depending on the engine, the 5-door model’s suspension will be modified. Mahindra anticipates starting production of the Thar 5-door, which might be called the Thar Armada, in June of this year and completing the production of about 4,000 of these cars in a single month.

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