Volvo: EX40 and EC40

The XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge crossovers from Volvo will now go by the names EX40 and EC40, respectively, according to a recent announcement. The company is taking this action to align it with the EX30 and EX90, two models in its current and upcoming EV lineup.

Along with new names, the EX40 and EC40 now have the option of a new Performance software package, which increases the output of the top-of-the-line dual-motor powertrain to 436 horsepower, making them more potent than the Mercedes-AMG A45 S hatchback. While claiming “faster acceleration” for the models, Volvo withheld the precise amount of time it had saved them from reaching 100 kph; it had previously been 4.7 seconds. Oh! Also check out our review of A Modern British Masterpiece: Bentley Bentayga EWB

The Volvo app can be used by current owners in some areas to activate the performance upgrade. The effect of the power boost on the two vehicles’ range is still unknown; however, Volvo stated that the single-motor EX40 and EC40 would have maximum ranges of 577 km and 583 km, respectively.

It is expected that both models will be gradually put on sale beginning in May; therefore, the India launch is likely to take place in the latter part of this year.

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