Rolls-Royce Sweptail

The Rolls Royce Sweptail’s design is a blend of classic and minimalist elements. It features a large aluminum grille, a front end framed in metal, and a panoramic glass roof that slopes sharply toward the back. Inside, the dashboard has a futuristic touch, with all the buttons cleverly concealed.

To create the unique two-seat Rolls-Royce requested by the client, Director of Design Giles Taylor collaborated closely with the client to understand their preferences. They discussed every aspect of the car’s design, including the imposing twin rounded headlights reminiscent of the 1920s and 1930s Phantom II, and various details inspired by the client’s love for classic and modern yachts. 

Inside the Rolls Royce Sweptail, much attention was given to concealing buttons and knobs, creating a luxurious yet simple atmosphere. The cabin is adorned with polished Macassar ebony and open-pore Paldao, enhancing its lavishness. The center console, wrapped in Moccasin and Dark Spice leather, includes a champagne holder and two crystal flutes. Instead of rear seats, there’s a wooden shelf with an illuminated glass edge. Behind the coach doors, two custom-made attaché cases are neatly stored and can be easily accessed with the push of a button.

Overall, the extensive process of imagining, designing, and bringing the Sweptail to life rejuvenates a longstanding automotive tradition. This project has the potential to introduce a new era for custom-made Rolls-Royces. 

While the exact Rolls Royce Sweptail price remains undisclosed, estimates suggest it reached a staggering $13.2 million. This astronomical price reflects the car’s one-of-a-kind nature and the meticulous attention to detail involved in its creation. From the client’s personal preferences incorporated into the design to the luxurious materials and bespoke features, the Sweptail embodies the pinnacle of bespoke motoring.

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