Mumbai’s streets have been transformed into a sparkling runway for the finest classic and vintage Mercedes-Benz cars in India on a Sunday morning close to year’s end for the past ten years. With their roaring engines and shining chrome, the tenth edition of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Rally, a collaboration of Autocar India and Mercedes-Benz witnessed just that: an amazing procession of cars from all eras that lined the route like a symphony for committed auto enthusiasts.

The parade featured 81 Mercedes-Benz marvels, representing 77 distinct models, and was flagged off by Santosh Iyer, MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, as well as Mumbai BJP head and MLA Ashish Shelar. Surprisingly, nearly half were first-time participants, demonstrating the MBCCR’s ability to bring back India’s passion for these iconic cars.

Every automobile, from Pratapsinh Gaekwad’s magnificent 230 SL Pagoda to the legendary R129 SL made famous by Bollywood’s “Dil Chahta Hai,” screamed a tale. The legendary 300Sc Roadster, one of just 50 ever produced, from the renowned Bhogilal collection shared space with Yohan Poonawalla’s 190SL, which was previously Maharani Gayatri Devi’s valued possession.

Rumbling alongside the President’s and former PM Narasimha Rao’s fleet were the F124 Krankenwagen, a W124 ambulance, and even a Benz Patent-Motorwagen replica, along with Hani Mustafa’s formidable G Wagen, an original making its big debut. A hint of subtle luxury was added by rare estates such as the Ponton W120, W115, W123, and W124, while generations of C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, and SL-Class also joined the celebration.

The rally was a get-together of like-minded individuals rather than only a motor event. Glancing with a shared enthusiasm, renowned collectors such as publisher Viveck Goenka, industrialist Yohan Poonawalla, Gondal’s Himanshu Sinh, Pratapsinh Gaekwad, and Rajiv Kehr guided their treasured items down memory lane.

“This year is special,” stated Yohan Poonawalla, who had his recently restored 190 SL in Jaipur Blue at his side. “Gayatri Devi, the Maharani of Jaipur, owned this. An actual honor.”

The sentiment was shared by Pratapsinh Gaekwad, whose 230SL Pagoda was a frequent companion at the MBCCR. “Every year sees improvements. It is such a thrill to be here among people who value and comprehend these classics.”

And among the festivities, a select handful gleamed more brilliantly—the show’s stars. Once the preferred option for celebrities and world leaders, the 600 Grosser, a 60th-anniversary debutant, exuded calm power. Returned from a thorough restoration, the 300Sc whispered tales of rarity, one of just 50 built.

The legendary Hormusji Cama’s 500K, a grand tourer legend, stood tall with its supercharged inline 8 engine, a monument to 1930s ingenuity. The 300SL owned by the Maharaja of Gondal was a stunning reminder of automotive power, especially with his son Himanshu’s racing career engraved in every line.

And lastly, the 1929 beauty that is Nurburg, driven by Yashwardhan Ruia. It is a tribute to Ferdinand Porsche’s ingenuity that this was one of the earliest Mercedes passenger vehicles with an inline 8-cylinder engine.

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The Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Rally was more than simply a show of chrome and power; it was a celebration of passion, a voyage through time, and evidence of the ongoing legacy of these mechanical wonders. It’s been a December ritual for 10 years, a guiding light for fans of vintage cars, and a guarantee that the passion for these timeless vehicles will never diminish.

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