Mercedes-Benz G 580

Mercedes has formally introduced the production-spec G-Class electric SUV. The Mercedes-Benz G 580 with EQ Technology is the new name for the G-Class electric vehicle, which was teased by the Concept EQG and will make its Beijing debut. India will get the G-Class EV at some point this year.

First-Ever G-Class EV

According to Mercedes-Benz, the new G-Class EV can perform better off-road than its combustion-engined siblings since it is an “uncompromised” vehicle. The long name, G 580 with EQ Technology, not only signals a change in Mercedes’ naming policy for electric cars, but it also demonstrates how the G 580 was designed to be a G-Class with battery power.

Though a little grille redesign and discreet EQ emblems distinguish it from the recently revised G 450d, the G 580 shares nearly the same design. To maximize aerodynamic efficiency, however, a lot of work has been done. New A-pillar designs and a spoiler lip on the front of the roof are only two examples.


The new aerodynamically shaped bonnet on the G 580 reduces drag coefficient from 0.48 cd for the most recent G 450d and 0.53 Cd for the prior generation G to 0.44 Cd. A similar-styled charging cable holder can be installed in place of the optional spare wheel holder that is currently located on the rear boot.

“The G is still the G,” said Manuel Urstoger, the head of e-drive systems for Mercedes-Benz G. “It’s not just design or sound: for us, the powertrain is about offering uncompromised off-road ability.”

Powertrain and Performance

Four electric motors are used by the G 580, one for each wheel. Each motor generates 147 horsepower, which adds up to a maximum output of 587 horsepower and an incredible 1,165 Nm of torque.

Each motor is powered by a different 2-speed gearbox and was designed specifically for the G 580. The unique and extremely intricate powertrain, according to Urstoger, was created especially to satisfy the strict requirements of the G division and won’t be utilized anywhere else in the lineup.

The development goals have been set to match or surpass the petrol G, according to Urstoger, but the true focus is on delivering off-road performance. It can reach a high speed of 180 kph in less than 5 seconds.

Suspension and Off-road Gear

The G 580 keeps its independent front suspension system, but it adds a new rigid axle at the back that houses the integrated electric drive unit and virtual differential locks in place of mechanical ones to provide optimal torque vectoring.

Mercedes claims the G 580 can travel up to 35 degrees of side slope and achieve 100% gradeability on some ground. It also has a shiftable low-range transmission. The G 580 boasts a fording depth of 850mm, which is 100mm deeper than the standard G due to the sealed electric powertrain elements. The charging port’s height is the only restriction.

Mercedes states that the one off-road area in which the G 580 is inferior to the ICE G is in ground clearance; because of the flat floor, a small portion of the floor sits slightly lower than it does in the G 450d.

Furthermore, the G 580 has three custom features to facilitate off-road driving: G-Turn, which lets it turn 720 degrees instantly; G-Steering, which shortens the turning radius by allowing it to pivot around a single wheel; and an off-road crawler feature that can operate at speeds as low as 2 kph. Additionally, to make navigating obstacles easier, a new feature called “transparent bonnet” uses the front-facing cameras to reflect a front image onto the infotainment screen.

The G 580 is housed on a modified version of the G-Class’s ladder frame chassis, but with specially made packs of batteries installed directly into the frame. This eliminates the need for additional cross braces by acting as a structural component of the apparatus.

Battery and Range

The 116kWh battery, which is also shared with the EQS, has a stated range of 470 km and can be fast-charged at up to 200 kW. However, Urstoger said that what mattered most to Mercedes was how much off-roading would be possible. “It’s amazing how long you can drive off-road,” he remarked, adding that this is made possible by the reduced speeds and the option to utilize regen rather than brakes when descending.

Urstoger showcased the performance of the G 580 on the 5.6-kilometer Schockl mountain pass in Austria, where all G-Class vehicles are tested. The EV is said to be able to complete the ascent and descent 14 times on a single charge.

The battery pack serves as a skidplate when driving off-road in addition to being a structural component thanks to a unique underride guard designed to shield it from harm. That somewhat counteracts the G 580’s increased battery weight, even though it weighs 3,085 kg more than the G 450d.

Offering a more advanced comfort kit than previous versions, the G 580 will come equipped with a unique G-Roar function that provides an “emotive sound experience” within the cabin, which is essentially the same as the facelifted G 450d.

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