Mercedes-Benz Mythos Series

Mercedes-Benz is stepping up its game for those drivers who think Maybachs aren’t luxurious enough. The famous German brand is set to introduce a new ultra-luxury line called the Mythos Series next year, as reported by Autoblog. While specifics are still scarce, it looks like the first model will be an incredibly extravagant SL Speedster.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Mythos Series. Mercedes’s head of design, Gordon Wagener, first hinted at the line during a presentation titled “The Economics of Desire” in the summer of 2022. 

In the company’s fiscal year presentation for 2023, it was confirmed that the Mythos Series is still on track, with its debut car slated for next year. 

Additionally, we learned that these limited-run vehicles will be reserved exclusively for Mercedes’s most devoted enthusiasts and collectors.

While there’s been no official announcement regarding the first Mythos model, a slide presented during Wagener’s initial presentation hints that the car will be based on the new AMG SL. 

The performance sub-brand iteration of the sports car is a roadster with a removable top, but the image from 2022 shows nacelles behind the vehicle’s two seats, suggesting it may not have a top at all. 

Other than that, all we know for certain is that the Mythos variant will be the most luxurious SL you can purchase, surpassing even the Maybach SL currently in development.

No matter what form the open-top speed machine takes, we’re pretty sure it will come with a hefty price tag. The base model AMG SL starts at $109,000 (approx ₹90,37,484), while the top-of-the-line SL 63 goes for $183,000 (approx ₹1,51,73,024). 

According to, the upcoming Maybach SL is anticipated to start at over $200,000 (approx ₹1,65,82,540). This suggests that the Mythos SL will likely be priced even higher than that, possibly significantly more expensive.

Plus also according to Autoblog, luxury enthusiasts have more than just the Mythos Series to anticipate from Mercedes in the near future. The brand also intends to cater to its most discerning customers by expanding its Manufaktur customization program. By the way do read our news article on Rolls-Royce Introduces Ghost Prism Edition, Limited to 120 Units Worldwide!

Additionally, there are plans for a collaboration with the Italian fashion brand Moncler and a limited-edition Maybach model designed by the late fashion icon Virgil Abloh, who collaborated with the company on multiple concepts before his passing in late 2021.

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