Kush Maini's F1 Test

Kush Maini, an Indian racer, just finished his first comprehensive Formula One test session with Alpine at the Red Bull Ring. In the 2022-spec A522, he did over 110 laps, traveling over 500 kilometers at the Austrian Grand Prix site.

After the test, Maini spoke with the media about the experience and said it was a big boost to his racing career because it showed that he could drive a Formula One car quickly.

With three more Formula 1 test days scheduled for this year, Maini is still laser-focused on his immediate objective of dominating in Formula 2.

Surprisingly, Maini had previously handled an F1 car. Though technical difficulties limited his track mileage, he participated in Alpine’s young driver program last year and drove the 2021-spec A521 for a brief period of time at the Bahrain International Circuit.

As he considered his latest test, Maini was pleased with his performance and noted how well the ground effect automobile of the present period had transitioned. In contrast to an F2 car, he highlighted the F1 car’s confidence-inspiring qualities and its engineering prowess.

Maini is aware that his goals for F1 are still dependent on his performance in F2, despite rumors of a possible reserve position with Alpine for the 2024 season. In the pursuit of performance, he recognizes the delicate balance between pushing boundaries and staying clear of errors.

Regarding his current F2 season, Maini acknowledges that he has encountered difficulties recently, but he is certain that his team will help him get through them. He intends to challenge for the title and get back to his previous level of performance. For more on recent F1 developments, check out “Miami GP: Norris wins his first F1, defeating Verstappen.

In addition to his own goals, Maini wants to help Indian motorsport become more recognized internationally. In an effort to create a more robust racing culture in India and provide opportunities for aspirational young talent there, he sees his trip to the F1 as a method of doing just that. 

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