The Maruti Brezza 2023 has been super popular! The first version was awesome, especially because it looked cool and had a fuel-efficient diesel engine. Even when they switched to a petrol engine, people still loved it. But guess what? Last year, Maruti brought out a brand new version that fixed a bunch of its issues. Now, it’s even better!

Maruti Suzuki Brezza 2023: First Impression

When the new Brezza 2023 came in red, it really caught your eye among all those white ones. The headlights and taillights are slimmer now, and there’s thicker cladding, making it stand out more and look way cooler than before. It even seems bigger than other cars like it, which is pretty awesome.

Inside the car is what really counts, and we totally dig the cabin. The new Brezza feels sturdier than the old one, and the design is really nice. However, we’ve got to be honest, the quality of the hard plastic could’ve been better, especially since this Maruti costs Rs 14 lakh ex-showroom!

Exterior: Maruti Suzuki Brezza 2023 


Some parts, like on the door panels, seem to be from other Maruti cars, but the design is way cooler than before. We really liked the technology in the Brezza 2023; it has things you don’t find in other cars. There’s a sunroof now, and the HUD with its customizable display is a super cool feature that people talk about. It’s handy plus you don’t have to look down at the instrument cluster. The new 9-inch screen is also much better, and the voice assistant is really responsive. 

We really liked the 360-degree camera – it makes parking so much easier, and navigating this SUV through tight parking spots is a breeze. The camera quality is even better than the one on the Baleno. And there’s more! The audio system is pretty good too. What sets the Brezza 2023 apart is the space it offers. 

The headroom and shoulder room are fantastic, giving it a spacious feel similar to bigger SUVs. The storage is great too, and even though the boot isn’t huge, it can easily swallow up all your luggage. Plus, the tall boot means you can stack lots of luggage in there.

Performance: Maruti Suzuki Brezza 2023


Navigating the busy streets of Delhi and maneuvering through the slow-moving traffic on the Delhi-Noida route requires a vehicle that blends efficiency with comfort. In this context, the Maruti Suzuki Brezza 2023 stands out as an exceptional performer. While I haven’t personally taken the wheel of this car, the specifications and features paint a compelling picture of its capabilities.

A standout feature is the 6-speed automatic transmission coupled with an impressively smooth 1.5L petrol engine. The refined driving experience kicks in the moment you start the engine, offering a level of sophistication that’s bound to make an impression. This combination proves particularly valuable in the hustle and bustle of city commutes.

Designed with urban lifestyles in mind, the Brezza 2023 features light steering for enhanced maneuverability and an elevated driving position with ample ground clearance. These aspects contribute to a driving experience that seamlessly aligns with the demands of city living. Moreover, achieving an impressive 14 kmpl in city conditions speaks volumes about its fuel efficiency, even for a petrol automatic SUV.

Taking the Brezza 2023 on extended highway drives reveals its prowess at high speeds. Despite not boasting a turbocharged engine, its performance remains surprisingly robust. The SUV cruises effortlessly, offering stability and a consistently smooth power delivery. Although it lacks a muscular top-end, the Brezza handles highway duties admirably. Oh! Also check our review on Mercedes GLC.

In terms of pricing, the top-end trim, with its array of features, may seem relatively high. However, the overall package, paired with the efficiency of the 6-speed automatic transmission, justifies the investment. The Brezza 2023 excels in city environments, proving adept at highway journeys as well. Its efficiency and spacious interior give it an edge over competitors, marking a significant improvement over the previous generation, albeit with a slightly higher price tag.

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