Land Rover Defender Convertible

The Land Rover Defender convertible is now being produced by Dutch coachbuilder Heritage Customs; the second vehicle is currently being built at its Enter factory in the Netherlands. There will only be five of these Defender convertibles produced by Heritage Customs.

The Valiance Convertible, which is based on the most recent L663-generation Defender 90, has undergone extensive modification. It now has a sixth seat, forged wheels, custom leather trim, sports seats, and other exterior and interior changes.

The roll cage, front bonnet plates, and side air vents of the Valiance Defender are among the striking black exterior details set against the vehicle’s Sunbeam Yellow paint job. It has an electronically controlled, handmade fabric top. 

The Valiance Defender’s interior features aluminum paneling, black quilted upholstery, and a second passenger seat in the middle of the front row. To match the exterior paint job, it also has yellow stitching. 

The cost of the customization is GBP 58,000, or more than Rs 59 lakh. This does not, however, include changes to the powertrain, which will continue to be built to the customer’s specified factory specifications. 

The convertible “embraces the [Defender] 90 body style and the history of this motor car in its previous generation, with the charming soft-top,” according to Niels van Roij, a co-owner of the company.

Van Roij has previously created unconventional coachbuilt models before. The Dutch designer previously released an estate-bodied Tesla Model S and a shooting brake based on the Rolls-Royce Wraith. 

The “next iteration of the Heritage Customs Valiance Convertible,” as Heritage refers to the drop-top conversion, is said to have been inspired by the Valiance Convertible. Within the next few months, it will be made public. 

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