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    It was a timeless experience. I really enjoyed the smell of the exhaust with its unburned gases. That unique sound made me quite jealous. Back when I was in MBA school, there was only one student in both years who had a motorcycle, and it was a Yezdi, known for its classic European engineering. During those days, it was unusual for a regular student to own anything beyond a regular bicycle. The company faced challenges in adapting to stricter pollution rules and competing with more fuel-efficient engines, which contributed to its downfall in 1996.


    Uncle introduced me to his mechanic and I went and test rode one of the bikes he had for sale. The bike was a 1988 Yezdi Deluxe.


    After waiting for nearly two years and because of my procrastination, my Yezdi Roadking is back home! This bike has a special history – my Uncle used it to bring my late Aunt home as a bride in 1991. I used to ride it for a few months in the early 2000s, but then I moved to a different city. My Uncle stopped riding it in 2005, and it just sat unused. Sadly, my Aunt passed away after a long illness in late 2020, so I decided to fix up the bike as a tribute to her since she loved it. It still looks great, and the engine is super reliable – it starts easily and runs smoothly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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