Tesla Model 3

About a decade ago, the concept of an electric car seemed like a mere dream. Tesla was the first company that helped us to materialize this dream of an electric car that was fast, sleek, and desirable. The initial glimpse of the Tesla Roadster has set a benchmark of what future cars should be like. As Tesla begins to roll far more revolutionary models of electric cars, it reminds us of how far we have come. It was a humble journey of a small Silicon Valley start-up transforming into one of the leaders of sustainable transportation.  

As the world becomes more and more conscious about sustainability and technical innovation Tesla Model 3 stands out as a beacon of change.  Tesla’s Model 3 has revolutionized the entire EV (electric vehicle) market since its inception. This car offers an unmatched combination of performance, range, and affordability. 

Whether you are an automobile enthusiast or a tech freak, the Tesla Model 3 promises an exhilarating driving experience keeping environmental factors in check. Read this article till the end to find out insightful facts about the Tesla Model 3.  

Exterior Design: Tesla Model 3 

Tesla Model 3’s exterior design exhibits a beautiful combination of sleek aesthetics and efficacy. It sets a new standard in the world of modern electric vehicles. The smooth aerodynamic silhouette of this car minimizes drag and improves its performance. 

Model 3 has no grillie which is possible due to the lack of an internal combustion engine. It gives a distinctive minimalistic front end which makes it stand apart from other vehicles on the road. 

The car comes with a seamless glass roof giving a panoramic outer view which is another distinguishing feature of the Tesla Model 3. The premium glass roof extends from the front to the rear of the car giving an open airy feel to the cabin passengers.

The sleek LED headlights of Model 3 provide excellent visibility on the road and add to the car’s futeristic appearance. Stylish alloy wheels are provided with Model 3 that offer great performance maintaining an aesthetic look.

Interior Design: Tesla Model 3

The minimalistic interior design of the Tesla Model 3 makes it a masterpiece in the world of electric vehicles. The cabin is highly spacious and clean, featuring a sleek 15-inch touchscreen that controls almost all the functions of the car. Tesla has completely eliminated traditional buttons and knobs in Model 3. The car provides a sense of luxury by including high-quality synthetic leather and open-pore wood trim. The glass roof offers a premium luxury feel making the cabin appear spacious, open, and airy providing an unobstructed view of the serene sky. Overall we can conclude that Tesla’s Model 3 has an interior that is a visual pleasure rightly aligned with comfort. It reflects the company’s futeristic vision towards modern automobile design.  

Performance, Handling, and Specifications: Tesla Model 3 

Telsa Model 3 offers an extraordinary blend of performance and the latest specifications that have already set the standard quite high. It is available in various variants including Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. This car delivers an impressive acceleration. The Performance varient goes from – 0 to 60 mph in a matter of just 3.1 seconds. Model 3’s electric motor provides instant torque and smooth, responsive handling making every drive enjoyable. 

On the other hand, the Long Range variant boasts an impressive EPA-estimated range of about 358 miles on a single charge. This ensures a hassle-free long travel for passengers. This car is also equipped with features like Autopilot, a 15-inch central touchscreen, and over-the-air software updates which ensures high performance and redefines the expectations from a modern electric car. 

Tesla Model 3 offers a unique driving experience that is both dynamic and responsive at the same time. The battery pack mounted beneath the floor improves the stability of the car and reduces body roll. The power steering is carefully tuned for precise maneuvering. It is safe to conclude that the Telsa Model 3 excels in handling. 

Price and Overall Verdict: Telsa Model 3 

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to launch in India soon. The Tesla Model 3 price in India would be around INR 60 Lakhs (ex-showroom). The final price of the car in India will depend on several factors such as applied taxes, customization charges, etc. This price range puts the car in the luxury segment of electric vehicles in India. OH! Also read about the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Tesla Model 3 price in the USA is around US$39,990 for the Standard Range Plus varient. However the final Tesla Model 3 car price is dependent on location, additional customized features, and applicable taxes. For more accurate price details check Tesla’s official website and get in touch with a local dealer.  

Overall, the performance of the Tesla Model 3 is quite impressive. It is often appreciated for its performance, range, and advanced technology. It can be the perfect choice for someone looking for a luxury electric vehicle, endowed with futuristic technology.  

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