Basalt will be the new name for Citroen’s next coupe-SUV, which was formerly known as C3X. According to the French company, the Basalt’s external design will be unveiled on March 27, 2024, the day of its premiere. In the upcoming months, there will be more information on the launch, features, and inside.

The C3 Aircross SUV, which is simply a more sensible and conventional-looking substitute for the Basalt, will be positioned below Citroen’s Basalt coupe SUV. The planned Tata Curvv coupe SUV is the target market for the Basalt’s coupe-like design and high-riding attitude, despite the fact that both Citroen SUVs will have many similarities.

The Citroen teaser showcases a sleek, slant-back shape that effectively combines a short boot lid with the coupe-like roofline. On the other hand, the Citroen Basalt will have a lift-back tailgate like the Skoda Superb. Additionally, the teaser showcases its sleek tail-lamp design, which is reminiscent of the more expensive Euro-spec C3 hatchback.

The CMP modular platform, a few body panels, and the powertrain are only a few of the components that the Basalt and the C3 Aircross will share. The Basalt’s nose will resemble the C3 Aircross’s in terms of appearance, but with more chrome accents. Among other things, the Basalt will sport big alloy wheels, tough-looking plastic cladding all around, and ground clearance comparable to the C3 Aircross.

Because of the obvious cost-cutting and feature exclusions, sales of the C3 hatchback and C3 Aircross have not met expectations. Dealers are currently offering enticing discounts on a sizable portion of their unsold 2023 supplies.

With a host of cutting-edge innovations from the outset, Citroen has redesigned the Basalt, taking cues from the C3 and C3 Aircross’s popularity. Upgrades like push-button start, keyless entry, LED headlamps, wireless charging, automatic climate control, cruise control, and motorized folding wing mirrors are to be expected.

The 110 horsepower, 1.2-liter turbo-petrol engine that drives the C3 Aircross and C3 hatchback will also power the future Citroen Basalt X in India. This engine may be coupled to either a manual or torque converter. Though it will take some time, Citroen plans to release an electric vehicle based on the Basalt.

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