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Bentley Motors has once again redefined automotive opulence with the unveiling of the Batur Convertible, the latest jewel in their crown. Marking it the third instalment in their  lineage of coachbuilt masterpieces.. After the success of the Bacalar Barchetta and Batur coupe, the Batur Convertible now stands as the ultimate symbol of luxury and exclusivity in car design. With a mere 16 units slated for global production, each exemplifies the rarefied fusion of artistry and engineering that defines Bentley’s legacy.

The car has a retractable top and a two-door, two-seat layout that combine luxury and open-air grandeur to further enhance its appeal. Rose gold interior decor and a special ‘airbridge’ feature set it apart from the competition. Bentley’s legendary 750 PS W12 engine powers the Batur Convertible, which is among the final vehicles to use this classic engine until it is discontinued this summer.

Bentely Batur

The Batur Convertible’s design cleverly combines features from the Bacalar and Batur models, providing a spectacular ‘airbridge’ behind the seats in addition to a “wraparound” cockpit experience. The convertible roof itself is designed to be as convenient as possible; it can be folded or unfolded at up to 30 mph in just 19 seconds. This feature makes it possible to switch smoothly from a sporty coupe to a refined open-top grand tourer.

Bentley has made sure that every Batur Convertible will be co-created with its client in order to emphasize customization. The design team at Mulliner will use a unique visualizer tool to help clients choose the colors and finishes they want for every part of their car. To ensure a very personalized and bespoke touch, options include paint colors, outside brightware, and even 3D printed rose gold cabin elements.

Bentely Batur

There are just 16 units of the Batur Convertible, which is made in Mulliner’s factory at Bentley’s carbon-neutral manufacturing facility in Crewe, England. Bentley’s W12 engine, which produces a potent 750 PS and 1,000 Nm of torque, will power each vehicle. The Batur Convertible Car is an engineering research vehicle featuring a unique dual-tone paint job in Vermillion Gloss and Satin, 22-inch wheels, carbon fiber splitters and diffusers, and a unique grille design.

Bentely Batur

Bentley Motors continues to be the undisputed leader in premium automotive workmanship and engineering prowess. Bentley’s headquarters are located in Crewe, England, and employ over 4,000 people. It is the hub for all operations, including engineering, production, design, and research and development. The business is committed to being innovative.

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