Mahindra XUV 400

Every year, an all-new iPhone is released. The same applies to any flagship Android phone. But what if we said that a car receives a new update every year? You might think we’re stupid, but we’ll point you to the updated XUV 400. Within a year of its launch, Mahindra updated the XUV 400 to keep it relevant. This car appears to be identical to the previous model, just like the last iPhone. However, if you look through the product brochure, you will notice so many new features that you will be intrigued by at least one of them. So let us tell you what’s new, how it drives, and whether you should buy it instead of a Nexon EV. 

Interior: Mahindra XUV 400

The update is dominated by large screen sizes. The instrument cluster and infotainment screens have been upgraded to 10.25-inch displays. They look much better than before, and they now include a suite of connected car features powered by Mahindra’s Adrenox mobile app. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now wireless, as they should be in all cars. At least that’s what the brochure claims. 

With this wireless business, you lose a lot of charge, so the wireless charging feature will come in handy. Wireless charging raises the temperature of your phone. Not with the XUV 400, however. It has active cooling, which we believe should extend the phone’s battery life and help you overcome your reluctance to use it. 

Climate control was another major update that the XUV 400 desperately needed. Good thing this car finally gets it, and Mahindra has taken it a step further by giving the SUV dual zone climate control. 

Even the rear passengers have air conditioning vents, so they’ll hate you a little less now. There is a convenient phone slot as well as a USB-C charging port. However, the front passengers continue to receive the old micro-USB port, so you will need to bring a converter. The seat comfort and space were and continue to be superior to the Nexon EV; however, the XUV 400 still lacks cooled seats.

Battery and Range: Mahindra XUV 400

Things remain the same underneath the floor. You have two battery pack options. A 34.5 kWh battery and a 39.4 kWh battery, with the former boasting a claimed MIDC range of 375 km and the latter reaching 456 km on a full charge. The smaller battery is now available with all the bells and whistles, so you can get a top-spec XUV 400 for a lower price if you don’t mind a shorter range. 

Performance, Ride, and Handling: Mahindra XUV 400

The XUV 400 is still the fastest Mahindra. There are no changes there. The XUV 400 continues to produce 147.5 bhp and 310 Nm of torque, with a claimed 0-100 kmph time of 8.3 seconds. It’s not the fastest Mahindra, though. The top speed is limited to 150 kmph, but once you pass 100 kmph, the battery charge drops so quickly that you won’t want to drive for more than a few minutes. Take it easy, and it’s a very comfortable cruiser. 

The ride is smooth, the seats are comfortable, and everything is typically electric. Quiet, soulless, and relaxing. The good news is that you now feel a lot better about yourself while driving. The flat bottom steering hints at sportiness, all of the features are from 2024, and thanks to the update, you can finally convince friends and family that you didn’t make the wrong decision by choosing the XUV 400 over the Nexon, at least for debate purposes.

Aside from the steering, another flaw is the low rolling resistance tyres, which are designed to get the most mileage out of the SUV but fall short on grip. A grippy set of rubber would significantly improve the XUV 400’s handling. While the XUV 400 isn’t a corner carver, it is a nice cruiser that can make city commutes a breeze.

Mahindra XUV 400 Specifications

0-100 kmph8.3 seconds
Top Speed 150 kmph
Bhp 147.5 bhp
Torque 310 Nm
Instrument Cluster 10.25-inch
Infotainment 10.25-inch
Apple CarPlay Wireless 
Android Auto Wireless
Battery Options 34.5 kWh and 39.4 kWh 
Climate Control Yes 
Base-variant PriceRs 15.49 lakh
Top-spec Variant Price Rs 16.74 lakh

Price and Final Verdict: Mahindra XUV 400

The big question now is: Should you buy a Mahindra XUV 400? Last year, we would have said no, but the XUV 400 has bridged the gap. It’s a more balanced product now. Before the update, the XUV 400 prices ranged from Rs 15.99 lakh to Rs 19.39 lakh, ex-showroom. 

The pleasant surprise is that Mahindra has reduced the XUV 400 price significantly! The base variant is now priced at Rs 15.49 lakh (ex-showroom), while the top-spec variant costs Rs 16.74 lakh (ex-showroom), for the 34.5kWh battery variant and Rs 17.49 lakh for the 39.4kWh battery variant. That is incredible value for money right now.

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