Lexus UX300e

Lexus is rumored to release their UX model as a hybrid and EV in India, but will it fetch the desired results? Expected to launch their entry-level compact SUV, the UX, Lexus will enter the market of the lion’s den, India’s compact SUV.

At an estimated price of 40 lakh onwards, it will be the most affordable Lexus you can get, serving as an entry point into the luxury brand sphere. However, it’s got tough competition to deal with. Not only will the UX battle it out with the other luxury compact SUVs like the BMW X1, but also India’s favorite SUV, a must-have in a politician’s garage, the Toyota Fortuner, the big boy manufactured by Lexus’ parent company. So does it pack a punch, or does the moniker of the dull Lexus hold?

Lexus UX300e: Exterior

Lexus UX300e

The Lexus UX300e is distinctly Lexus. It has the signature spindle grille with a chrome treatment, adding a touch of classiness to the exterior and letting everyone know, even without looking at the badging, that they are looking at a Lexus. The car isn’t too big as it is a crossover SUV and comes with 17 to 18-inch wheels, about 4 meters in length. Thanks to its smaller size, it is much more practical within cities. The car boasts smooth lines all across the body and is built with aerodynamics in mind, reducing drag and making it look very modern, very Lexus.

Appearance is entirely subjective, but some car elements stand out. The extensive, black, and bulky plastic cladding that runs across the car isn’t the most appealing and takes away from the charm of this car. The taillamps are gorgeous, though, and are sculptural 3D, giving them quite a unique look. Under the taillamps, you’ll find your Lexus and UX300e badging in Chrome.

Lexus UX300e: Interior

Lexus UX300e

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it is a Lexus. Comfort is paramount for them, and a plethora of features are available. The build quality of the interior is fabulous; everything is firm, and there is super soft padding all around. It features an instrument cluster that is a fusion of digital and analog, a 10.3-inch infotainment screen, and a very Lexus-looking dashboard filled with physical buttons for everything, from AC to controlling music. In this age of “make-everything touchscreen,” we genuinely appreciate Lexus for sticking to providing actual buttons.

Hardly any noise leaks into the cabin, making the 13-speaker Mark & Levinson music system sound even better. The materials used did not disappoint; everything is A-Tier. The cabin oozes luxury.

The backseat passenger may struggle as it’s a little cramped. Due to its smaller size, the headroom and knee room are compromised. It is reasonable but perfectly fine for daily usage, but it can be quite a struggle for longer, especially if you’re tall.

Lexus UX: Engine and Performance

Lexus UX300e

The UX EV is Lexus’s first authentic EV line-up, mainly consisting of hybrids. In true Lexus fashion, the drive is effortless. Despite being a crossover SUV, the inside feels traditionally Lexus; it almost feels like a Sedan with its lower seating. The torque punch is undeniably fantastic, as you would expect from an EV, and the power delivery is smooth but not mind-boggling by any means… and that isn’t the point of this car either. The vehicle is tailored towards offering an enhanced city riding experience from the daily commute to taking your lady/man out on a date but in style and absolute comfort.

While not a car one would give the title of a “driver’s car,” the UX EV is no slouch either. Its CVT transmission, 300nm, and 204hp pump out a 0-100kmph time of 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 160kmph, offering sufficient performance for highway roads. It truly shines within the city domain, though. Being a compact SUV, the high visibility, smaller dimensions, and punchy torque make it a pleasure to ride around town and throw around; overtaking traffic is a breeze. Three drive modes are on offer – Normal, Eco, and Sport. There is a dramatic shift between them, so the Normal mode should suffice for most folks. OH! Do also read or artcle on Lexus India Launches NX 350h.

Technical Specifications

Battery54.3 kWh lithium-ion battery  (EV)
TransmissionCVT (Automatic)
Safety8 sensor-controlled SRS airbags, lane departure alert, Pre-collision system, 360˚ Panoramic View Monitor, Parking Brake Support, Parking Assist Monitor
Boot space300-odd liters (486L seats up)
Seating Capacity5
Music System13-speaker Mark & Levinson
Infotainment10.3-inch screen with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto with 4 x USB Ports (Front & Rear)

Lexus UX300e: Price and Final Verdict

Naveen Soni, the President of Lexus India, states that 50% of their sales should come from SUVs by the end of 2024. Currently, only 20-30% of all their sales are SUVs, with their Sedans taking most of the share.

The compact SUV market is hot and ever-growing in India. The UX will be a unique addition to the segment and could be the breakthrough Lexus needs if they launch it in India. The expected price is 40 lakh+, but we’re willing to bet it would be a lot more than that. t is not going to eat out any of the full-size SUVs of the market, being an EV and a crossover. However, with the correct pricing, EV factor, and famous Lexus reliability and refinement, features, and luxury, it has the potential to become a needle mover and carve out a niche for itself.

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