SUV Vs Sedans

After reading the title Sedan vs. SUV’, you must be wondering why at all compare these two cars. SUVs have become increasingly popular in the past decade and are currently dominating the market. 

While comparing SUVs, Sedans, and Hatchbacks, we found that SUV tops the list when it comes to sales, followed by hatchbacks due to their compact size, economical pricing, and easy maneuvering, while Sedans remain at the end of the list. 

As per a report by Saxton 4×4, over 51 million SUVs were sold world wide in 2023. SUVs are now a popular choice for people worldwide. On the other hand, we have witnessed a significant decline in the sales of Sedans. As a result, car manufacturers have also reduced the production of Sedan cars.

Do Sedans really deserve to be at the end of the list? Is it true that SUVs are better than Sedans? Or is it merely a trend that everyone is following? Let us find out in this article. Read till the end to find out who deserves to win the SUV vs. Sedan battle.  

History of Sedan: 


Sedans have a rich history. We have to travel back to the 17th century to understand the history of these cars. 

The term ‘Sedan’ originated from the Latin term ‘Sedere’, which meant to be seated. In the 17th century there existed Sedan chairs. These were luxurious enclosed chairs carried by porters. The Sedan chairs were a symbol of wealth. It could only be afforded by wealthy people in that era. 

Slowly, the world witnessed the evolution of Sedan chairs. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Horse-drawn carriages were invented, which eliminated the human labor of pulling the carriages. These carriages were only reserved for the elite class in those days. 

Finally, Sedan chair-inspired cars began manufacturing in the late 19th century. In 1899, Renault manufactured the first Sedan car, Voiturette. 

Sedan cars were then manufactured on a large scale for commercial purposes. Studebaker Four and Studebaker Six in 1912 were among the first manufactured Sedan cars for commercial purposes.   

Some of the popular Sedan car models are Skoda Slavia, Mercedes S-class, Honda Civic, Volkswagen Virtus, Honda City, Toyota Camry and many more.

Comparison of Sedan Cars vs SUVs

Despite having a strong history of its inception, why do Sedans seem to be almost extinct now? Well, let us draw a comparison between Sedan car vs SUVs. 

Here are five significant factors that determine Sedan vs SUV pros and cons. These factors are: 

  • Improved aerodynamics: Aerodynamics plays a significant role in automobiles. It becomes easy for a car with better aerodynamics to overcome air resistance or drag. Sedan cars with stunning aerodynamics lower drag and make it easier for the car to move forward effortlessly, as compared to SUVs. Thus, the better the aerodynamics, the lesser the drag. This factor remains effective even when we compare compact SUV vs midsize Sedan
  • Better stability and handling: Having a lower ground clearance helps a Sedan to be more stable on the ground. Furthermore, a Sedan’s suspension design and even weight distribution allow the driver to be more confident while driving. This factor stands true for crossover SUV vs Sedan cars as well. 
  • More mileage than SUVs: Due to improved aerodynamics and lower drag, a Sedan always offers more mileage than an SUV car. 
  • Better power is to weight ratio: Sedans are generally light-weighted cars compared to SUVs due to their smaller size. Some sporty Sedans boast of having a powerful engine similar to those used in SUVs. However, being a light-weighted car, a sedan will always perform better than any SUV with the same powered engine. Thus, a better power-to-weight ratio for a sedan leads to better acceleration, better handling, and more confidence in driving on the road.
  • Lower Center of Gravity: The Center of Gravity (CG) is a crucial factor as it determines the even distribution of the car’s weight. With an even weight distribution, a car can easily overcome air resistance, will have a better stability, and be easy to handle on roads.  
  • SUV vs Sedan safety: Sedans are said to be better than SUVs when it comes to pedestrian safety. Sedan has a low bonnet height. Therefore, if a pedestrian suddenly comes in front of a Sedan, he will be hit on his knee and only his lower body would get injured. However, if a pedestrian is hit by an SUV, he will get an injury in his torso or upper body and might encounter brain injury, too, due to a high bonnet height. This lessens the chance of survival for that person. Therefore, Sedans always offer better pedestrian safety than SUVs. In countries like India, stray animals come in the middle of the street at times. 

  Here are some factors which determine why SUVs are better than Sedans: 

  • Space and versatility: SUVs are muscular cars with a more spacious interior. Ideally, an SUV can accommodate 7 passengers, whereas a Sedan can only accommodate 5 passengers. Furthermore, some SUVs come with foldable seats, which can make more room for storage. 
  • High ground clearance: With a high ground clearance, SUVs offer a greater sense of security to the passengers. 
  • Offroading-friendly: SUVs are perfect for adventure road trips and offroading, which is otherwise impossible with Sedan cars. 

Sedan vs. SUV: Who Wins The Battle? 

We can clearly see that all the above points are directed toward the fact that Sedans are better than SUVs in several aspects. The rise in SUV sales might just be a market trend, but when functionality is tested, Sedans pass with flying colors. So whether you compare an SUV or a compact SUV vs Sedan, the latter, is a clear winner in this battle.   

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