2023 Luxury Brand Sales: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and More

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    Mercedes-Benz led the way with 1,248 cars sold, followed by BMW and Jaguar Land Rover, which sold 890 and 206 cars, respectively.
    Here are the sales figures for luxury carmakers in January 2023:
    1. Mercedes-Benz sold 1,248 cars, up from 1,033 in January 2022.
    2. BMW sold 890 cars, down from 915 in January 2022.
    3. Jaguar Land Rover sold 206 cars, up from 148 in January 2022.
    4. Volvo sold 179 cars, up from 144 in January 2022.
    5. Audi sold 168 cars (CBU), up from 163 in January 2022.
    6. Porsche sold 65 cars, up from 54 in January 2022.
    7. Lamborghini sold 3 cars, down from 6 in January 2022.
    8. Bentley sold 8 cars, up from 1 in January 2022.
    9. Rolls Royce had no sales, down from 4 in January 2022.


    Shifting from a two-horse race, it’s becoming a smooth journey for Mercedes-Benz. The upcoming figures are expected to further solidify their lead. Credit goes to BMW for the modest engines in the new X1.Looking at the numbers, it raises the question: Is Volvo excelling, or is Audi encountering difficulties?Remarkably, Rolls Royce hasn’t made any sales – are billionaires facing financial challenges?


    Volvo is making a gradual yet consistent ascent on the charts. Their strategy is to shift aggressively toward electric vehicles (EVs) and transform into an all-EV brand by 2025. With reduced taxes, they aim to competitively price their cars. It will be intriguing to see if they can become the Tesla of India.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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