Abhinav Singla – Founder and Editor

Abhinav, the driving force behind Torque You, is not just an ordinary automobile enthusiast; he’s a petrolhead with a lifelong passion for cars and bikes that began in his school days when he spent hours scribbling cars on textbooks before finally learning to drive on his father’s Maruti Gypsy and an old Bajaj Chetak. His journey through the world of automobiles has seen him own a diverse range of cars & bikes, including classics like the Hero Honda CBZ, Hyundai Santro, Fiat Punto, RE Continental GT, Mahindra Thar Crde, and now the new Thar and the Volvo S60 sports sedan.

This deep-rooted love for automobiles serves as the bedrock for his latest venture, Torque You, a hub for all things automotive. Abhinav’s wealth of automotive knowledge and his unique ability to merge his passion with his entrepreneurial spirit are the driving forces behind this exciting project.

Abhinav’s impressive entrepreneurial journey began at a young age, setting the stage for his current role as the Founder and CEO of Lean Hippo Marketers. With over 17 years of experience working with both corporate giants and startups, Abhinav believes in transforming businesses into lasting brands.

Beyond his entrepreneurial success, Abhinav is also known as the go-to guy for all friends and family seeking advice on buying a new car or resolving car troubles.