Tesla Model X:  Key Features Explained

Designed by Hardik Negi

Falcon Wing Doors:  These unique doors open upwards for easier entry and exit, especially in tight parking spaces.

Spacious & Flexible Interior:  The Model X offers ample space for up to seven passengers with multiple folding configurations for cargo versatility.

Powerful Performance & Long Range:  Model X boast impressive acceleration (0-100kmph in under 3 seconds for some) and long driving ranges (up to 550 Km).

Autopilot & Safety Features: Advanced driver-assistance systems include features like automatic lane centering and emergency braking, enhancing safety on the road.

Minimalist Interior with Touchscreen Controls:  The Model X features a sleek and modern design with a large touchscreen controlling most vehicle functions.

Regular Software Updates: Tesla frequently updates the car's software, potentially adding new features and improving performance over time.

Extensive Supercharger Network for Long Trips:  Tesla's network of fast-charging stations enables convenient charging and long-distance travel.

Video Games & Entertainment Options: Passengers can enjoy games or stream content on the large touchscreen for entertainment on the go.

Yoke Steering Wheel:  Some newer models feature a unique yoke-shaped steering wheel, offering a different driving experience.

Price Consideration:  Higher Upfront Cost: Compared to traditional gasoline-powered SUVs, the Model X carries a higher initial price tag.