As part of its Renaulution 2024 program, Renault India has unveiled a bold plan to introduce five new cars by 2027. This demonstrates Renault’s dedication to our market; outside of Europe, India is regarded as one of the brand’s four major hubs.

In addition, the company’s new plan calls for the inclusion and modification of the Triber, Kiger, and Kwid ranges, the implementation of a new customer experience strategy, and the renewal of its Renew used car program. Renault has declared that all of its vehicles will carry the new brand identity starting in 2025 and that it will be implemented throughout the company’s network in 2024.

Renault Kwid, Triber, and Kiger Coming Soon

Although it has not yet provided an exact release date or format for the updates, Renault has announced that the new Kiger and Triber will be among the five new debuts. With the arrival of a Maruti Suzuki competitor in the near future, Renault’s small seven-seater, the Triber, is overdue for an update after more than four years of sales. A redesign would be beneficial for the Kiger, which debuted less than two years ago and is becoming more and more competitive in the small SUV market. It won’t be long until the Kia Sonet makeover. Additionally, the Hyundai Exter and Tata Punch are among the vehicles that the Kiger is facing competition from.

2024 Renault India Models: Price and Changes

Renault Kwid:

Renault Kwid

  • The present India portfolio is enhanced with new features and streamlined versions under the Renaulution 2024 strategy.
  • An 8-inch infotainment touchscreen and a 5-speed AMT option are now available on the RXL (O) trim level.
  • There are now five dual-tone exterior color possibilities for the Kwid Climber model.
  • The Kwid RXL (O) is now marketed as the least expensive touchscreen automatic automobile and hatchback in India.
  • Only a 1.0-liter, 68 horsepower petrol engine with manual and automated transmission options is available for the inexpensive hatchback.
  • There can be savings of up to Rs 22,000 on some versions.
VariantPrice 2024 Old PriceDifference
RXERs. 4.69 LakhRs. 4.69 Lakh
RXL(O)Rs. 4.69 LakhRs. 5.21 LakhRs. 22,000 
RXL(O) AMT(NEW)Rs. 5.44 Lakh
RXTRs. 5.50 LakhRs. 5.67 LakhRs. 17,000
RXT AMTRs. 5.95 LakhRs. 6.12 LakhRs. 17,000
ClimberRs. 5.87 LakhRs. 5.87 Lakh
Climber AMTRs. 6.32 LakhRs. 6.32 Lakh

Renault Triber:

Renault Triber
  • A 7-inch driver’s display, wireless charging, powered ORVMs, LED cabin lighting, and an armrest for the driver’s seat are among the new amenities that Renault is introducing.
  • There’s now an option to select a new black exterior color.
  • Triber RXT now comes equipped with a camera and rear wipers as standard.
  • The RXL model includes vents with independent AC control for the second and third seats.
  • A PM2.5 air filter and a rear seatbelt reminder are now standard on all Triber variants.
  • There are two transmission options available for the 1.0-liter, 72-hp petrol engine of the Triber: manual and automatic.
  • drop in price of up to Rs 34,000 for the RXE and RXL base models.
Variant Price 2024Old PriceDifference
RXERs. 6.00 LakhRs. 6.34 LakhRs. 34,000
RXLRs. 6.80 LakhRs. 7.10 LakhRs. 30,000
RXTRs. 7.61 LakhRs. 7.61 Lakh
RXT AMTRs. 8.13 LakhRs. 8.13 Lakh
RXZRs 8.23 LakhRs 8.23 Lakh
RXZ AMTRs 8.75 LakhRs 8.75 Lakh

Renault kiger:

Renault Kiger

  • The base RXE model is now Rs. 50,000 less expensive, making Kiger’s pricing more fair.
  • LED interior lighting, red brake callipers for turbo-petrol models, an auto-dimming internal rearview mirror, and puddle lamps on powered ORVMs with auto-folding capability are among the new features.
  • The RXZ trim now has cruise control available.
  • The Kiger RXT (O) now comes with more options, such as powered ORVMs and automatic climate control.
  • The available engines are still a 1.0-liter gasoline with 72 horsepower and a 1.0-liter turbo-petrol with 100 horsepower.
  • Both engine types come with manual and automatic transmission options.
Variant Price 2024Old PriceDifference
RXERs 6.00 LakhRs 6.50 LakhRs 50,000
RXLRs 6.60 Lakh
RXL AMTRs 7.10 Lakh
RXTRs 7.50 LakhRs 7.92 LakhRs 42,000
RXT AMTRs 8.00 LakhRs 8.47 LakhRs 47,000
RXT(O)Rs 8.00 LakhRs 8.00 Lakh
RXT(O) AMTRs 8.50 LakhRs 8.55 LakhRs 5,000
RXT(O)TurboRs 9.30 LakhRs 9.45 lakhRs 15,000
RXT(O)Turbo CVTRs 10.30 LakhRs 10.45 LakhRs 15,000
RXZRs 8.80 LakhRs 8.80 Lakh
RXZ AMTRs 9.30 LakhRs 9.35 LakhRs 5,000
RXZ TurboRs 10.00 LakhRs 10.00 Lakh
RXZ Turbo CVTRs 11.00 LakhRs 11.00 Lakh

Renault’s Affordable EV for India

The fifth model from Renault will be an electric vehicle designed especially for the regional market. Most likely, it will be the Kwid EV that we already discussed. This electric Kwid will face off against vehicles like the Citroen eC3 and Tiago EV. Renault uses 85–90% local components in order to maintain the price under Rs 10 lakh.

Details of the new Renault Duster’s India launch

Although Renault hasn’t said so publicly, it’s likely that they’ll introduce a revised Renault Duster and a 7-seat model based on the Bigger concept. Based on the Renault-Nissan Alliance platform, the new Duster maintains its powerful look and upright attitude. It was recently unveiled with a Dacia badge. It is expected that the India version will be about 4.3 meters long and mirror the disclosed model, even if there may be some stylistic adjustments. It is planned to launch late next year.

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