Range Rover

The Range Rover Electric, Land Rover’s first-ever fully electric car, is set to electrify the luxury SUV industry. In 2024, the vehicle will be up for sale. Right now, you may sign up for a waiting list to place one of the first preorders.

Due to its electric drivetrain, the Range Rover Electric will be the most elegant and silent Range Rover ever. Its 800V design will allow for extremely quick charging. 

The electric vehicle (EV) will be able to tow, wade, and drive off-road anywhere. It is even reported to be capable of wading through 850 mm of water. 

Alongside the current mild and plug-in hybrid models, the Range Rover Electric will also be manufactured at the Solihull facility. 

It will eventually transition to packs made in the planned Somerset gigafactory, but for now, it will be using batteries from a third-party supplier.

A classic and polished Range Rover design with hints of electric detail is what to expect. Because of its electric drivetrain, the electric Range Rover will be the most smooth and silent Range Rover ever.

It will also have the ability to charge extremely quickly and travel anywhere, with the ability to tow heavy loads and wade deeply.

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